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Hardware Migration Using Double-Take Move

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Double-take is one of well respected software vendor that specialized in disaster recovery planning software, high availability software and workload migration software to help your company. Some great software that has been using by many companies:

  • Double-take Availability : used for realtime server mirroring and availability
  • Double-take Backup : used for realtime server backup
  • Double-take Move : used for server hardware migration from old machine to new machine with minimal downtime

You can visit www.doubletake.com for details of these product functionality.

Now I want to share my experience using Doubletake Move to Migrate my Windows Server 2003 from old hardware (IBM xSeries 206) to new hardware (IBM system x3250 M3).

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Hardware Migration using Symantec BESR

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I try to do hardware migration my SBS 2003 SP2 system form 5 years old machine to new machine (Hardware Independent).

Some product that has been tried is : Paragon DB 10 and Macrium Reflect. And the result is very disappointed. They are unable to perform hardware independent restore. The result after doing restore : the new machine can not boot and always restart.

Then I try Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery (BESR) 2010. And the result is very good. I can successfully doing hardware migration smoothly without any error on new machine. I shout yeah it works!  Great!

I highly recommend this product to my colleague. Thanks Symantec!

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