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Hardware Migration Using Double-Take Move

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Double-take is one of well respected software vendor that specialized in disaster recovery planning software, high availability software and workload migration software to help your company. Some great software that has been using by many companies:

  • Double-take Availability : used for realtime server mirroring and availability
  • Double-take Backup : used for realtime server backup
  • Double-take Move : used for server hardware migration from old machine to new machine with minimal downtime

You can visit www.doubletake.com for details of these product functionality.

Now I want to share my experience using Doubletake Move to Migrate my Windows Server 2003 from old hardware (IBM xSeries 206) to new hardware (IBM system x3250 M3).

Because Double-take software is very exclusive software so there is no trial software that can be tested. You can contact the nearest Double-take partner near your city to get some demo and software quotation price.


Some component that must be existed on this migration is:

1.       Source Server: Old server machine with server OS installed, e.g Windows server 2003 or Windows Server 2008. In this case I use IBM xSeries 206 with Windows server 2003 SP2 + Exchange Server 2003 installed. You must install DotNet Framework v3.5 SP1 on source server.

2.       Target server: New server machine with server OS installed (Windows server 2003), make sure partition drive letter is same with old server and also bigger than old server. Also you must install DotNet Framework v3.5 SP1 on target server. Please do  not process windows activation until migration finished.

3.       Double-take Move license only on source server. 1 license for 1 migration project. 1 license price is about USD 400


  • Please do not set Target server as domain controller because there will be complicated on migration process. Otherwise you must demote it. Source server can be a domain controller.
  • Make sure that Windows 2003 Server  licensing on Source server is not OEM licensing

After you receive licensing notification (usually by email), you then must download the software from Double-take secure page. Please choose Double-take Move and download it.

Double-take Move package consist 2 main component :

1.       Server Component : will be installed on Source and Target

2.       Client component : consist Doubletake Move Console. From Doubletake Move Console, you can install Server Component to Source and Target.

To process migration, first you must install Double-take Client Component on independent PC machine (outside source and target server but with same network subnet).

Run file installation setup and choose Double-take Move client component.

After finishing installation then run Double-take Move console form start menu program -> Double-take   -> Double-take Move console

On Double-take Move console you must activate migration license by entering activation license that has been sent by email. After that you must get unlock code menu to receive unlock code for unlocking Double-take Move Licensing migration. To get unlock code you must enter your company data and then unlock code will be sent by email.

Enter the unlock code and the result is you will get notification in Double-take Move console how many migration that you have.

Klik PREPARE Tab and please insert Source and Target server. Then click NEXT

Click install button to install Double-take Server Component on Source and Target server.


Click MIGRATE SERVER tab and please choose Source and target server that has been prepared previously.

After that you will receive migration summary


Click MONITOR JOB tab. And then click PLAY Button. Migration process will be running.

After complete, there will be a notification that Cutover is ready.

Click Cutover button and then source server will be shutdown and finally target server will be restart and up  so Migration is Complete.

Hope this help…Happy migration!

Brief presentation about Double-Take Move CLICK HERE

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