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2007 Technology of the Year Awards: Commercial Solution

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Selain versi open source, Infoworld juga telah merilis award untuk solusi komersil terutama untuk kalangan enterprise besar. Jangan ditanya mengenai harga. Range-nya berkisar puluhan sampai ratusan ribu dollar 🙂 . Yang beli pastinya perusahaan-perusahaan kakap. Berikut adalah list pemenang-nya.

  • 2007 Technology of the Year Awards: Security
    • Vontu 5.0

      Repeat champion Vontu still can’t be beat for finding confidential information on file servers and PCs, monitoring network traffic, stopping transmission of restricted data, and enforcing security and encryption policies. Vontu 5.0 sets itself apart with blocking, scalability, finding data at rest, and adhering to privacy safeguards.

    • Elemental Security Platform 2.0

      ESP 2.0 does an excellent job of identifying and grouping devices attached to your network. Policy deployment is easier than in the previous release, and the new regulatory polices are well-rounded. Reporting gets a massive overhaul with nearly four times as many reports as before, and the ESP server can now scale to 10,000 managed agents.

    • Blue Lane PatchPoint G/450

      Blue Lane PatchPoint patch proxy appliance is a sorely welcome addition to the IPS field. PatchPoint excels at protecting unpatched Windows, Linux, and Unix servers against many publicly known exploits for popular applications by analyzing network packets and removing harmful bits. It delivers the gains of patching, without the pain.

    • SonicWall Pro 2040

      The SonicWall Pro provides the best all-around mix of features and functionality among the UTM appliances we’ve tested. Setup and policy creation are straightforward, and UTM services work across all traffic types in all situations.

    • Symantec Mail Security 4.1

      Symantec Mail Security offers best-in-class performance with a spam catch rate of more than 97 percent. It is easy to use and has a relatively low cost per user, with compliance and digital asset security features standard. Great policy-driven filtering and e-mail firewalls add value to the anti-spam and anti-virus functionality.

    • IronPort C-Series Version 4.0

      The IronPort C-Series offers easy setup, strong monitoring and troubleshooting tools, and excellent spam filtering with no tuning necessary. Registering the fewest false positives of any solution we tested, IronPort also provides a wide array of security features, including content filtering for objectionable language, information security, and compliance with legal requirements.

  • 2007 Technology of the Year Awards: Networking
    • Riverbed Steelhead 3.0

      Perennial winner Riverbed continues to impress with expanded CIFS and NFS support in 3.0, allowing for better performance with both Windows- and NFS-based servers. QoS can now be enforced in the appliance with policies based on bandwidth and latency. Detection and correction of asymmetric routes is also a big plus.

    • Extreme BlackDiamond 10808 and 8810

      Extreme BlackDiamond represents the Cadillac of Ethernet switching infrastructure. The 10808 core chassis is architected from the ground up for 10-Gig performance, and Extreme has the edge technology, security architecture, and management software to match.

    • Cisco 2811 Integrated Services Router

      Cisco’s 2800 Series ISRs represent the next step in network infrastructure evolution, packing conventional routing, firewalling, PoE switching, embedded VoIP call management, and voicemail into a single 1U modular unit. It takes precious little room in the network closet, and all of these services can be managed from a single GUI.

    • Network Physics NetSensory NP-500

      NetSensory NP-500 is a tremendous tool for peering deep into the inner workings of the network. The amount of data collected is impressive, but even more interesting are the nearly limitless ways that data can be sliced and displayed. We were amazed at how much we could discover with just a few simple mouse clicks.

  • 2007 Technology of the Year Awards: Applications
    • Zimbra Collaboration Suite 3.0

      Zimbra is a truly integrated mail-contacts-calendar application, with Version 4.0 adding REST-based Web document sharing. Best of all, this service-oriented app sports a mashable AJAX interface that provides a rich desktop experience, and good tools for integrating external Web services and content.

    • Zenprise 1.0.3

      Zenprise 1.0.3 does one thing and does it very well: troubleshooting. It looks over your Exchange servers, finds problems, and recommends easy-to-understand solutions that will actually fix the issues. Using historical trends built from your Exchange data, Zenprise even proactively identifies potential issues before they cause problems.

    • Quest Availability Manager for Exchange 2.0

      Quest Availability Manager for Exchange offers good protection, including automatic fail-over to synched backup mailboxes and the ability to designate which users are protected. Administration is easy, and integration with Quest’s other tools for Exchange is excellent, as is the pricing.

    • Liferay Portal 4.0

      Liferay Portal 4.0 rivals many commercial portal platforms in both functionality and technology. Liferay permits separate portals for different business units, and you can hot deploy any JSR 168 compliant portlet. Other enterprise features include permissioning at the portlet level, private and public pages, and a built-in CMS.

  • 2007 Technology of the Year Awards: Hardware
    • Sun Fire X4200

      The Sun Fire X4200 is a serious server in a seriously well-designed package. A frontrunner in both performance and management, it held its own in our file server and Web server tests, and Sun’s remote control function is nicely implemented. We could picture ourselves building out an entire datacenter with X4200s.

    • Sun Fire X4600 M2

      Sun packed a whole lot of power into the Sun Fire X4600, which sports as many as eight AMD Opteron dual-core CPUs and 128GB of RAM. The plentiful processing and I/O resources make this server a tremendous platform for virtualization, HPC, and database applications. And the overall server design is impeccable.

    • Stratus ftServer W Series 4300

      Stratus’ ftServer 4300 is one tough dual-CPU server. Repeated attempts to break the running OS by failing hardware components didn’t make it flinch. Plus, SAN connectivity is possible via approved HBAs. If your company requires true redundancy in a Windows server, look no further.

    • Apple Mac Pro

      Apple’s 64-bit Mac Pro workstation leverages Apple’s in-house hardware and software engineering to create a system that stands well apart from the crowded Woodcrest field. Mac Pro is designed for expandability, long life, and quiet operation, and it’s completely compatible with Apple’s system management software.

    • Apple MacBook Pro

      MacBook Pro is both elegant and powerful, thanks to a 2.66GHz 64-bit Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, 3GB of RAM, an AMD/ATI X1600 GPU, dual-layer DVD burner, long-life battery, and plethora of ports. And with OS X Tiger, every iota of that power is focused on your work.

    • PremiTech Performance Guard 4.1

      PremiTech Performance Guard fills a gap in current application performance management coverage with real-time app performance data from the client perspective. Rich reporting tools, coupled with a robust, Web-based agent architecture, make it both easy to deploy and well suited for the realities of today’s enterprise networks.

Untuk lebih detailnya bisa kunjungi : http://www.infoworld.com/slideshow/2007/01/29-2007_technology-8.html

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